Because our work at Mapa Professional is fundamentally to protect people, we also extend this to our employees and neighbouring communities!

Our Commitments:

Safeguarding and protecting the people who manufacture our gloves

We continually invest in safe and ergonomic workplaces as part of our “Security First” approach. All our employees are trained in the safety issues associated with their jobs and we ensure that they wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Furthermore, our factories are certified to ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management).

We also have a strict ethical policy on human rights and combatting corruption. In our Malaysian factories, we were the first to comply with the requirements of BSCI or SEDEX, which audit our production sites every year. All our subcontractors are committed to our code of conduct and all those in high-risk areas are audited annually.

Ensuring a caring corporate culture

We promote a culture of caring based on respect, autonomy and responsibility. Our objective is to create favourable conditions for the fulfilment and progression of our employees. This explains our low turnover, long careers within our company and a highly developed training policy. We conduct an active social policy that goes beyond the legal requirements, regardless of the country where we are based or the function. For example, we offer health insurance, a mentoring programme, and a “100% cover” policy for recruitment costs in Malaysia.

Getting involved locally

We have established a relationship of listening and dialogue with the local authorities and communities in the countries where we operate. We give preference to raw materials and packaging that are sourced close to our factories. We also offer our employees the opportunity to get involved in local philanthropic activities to help the communities around them.

Our goals by 2025

  • Train 100% of our employees in CSR matters
  • Reduce our work-related incident rate by 40% in 5 years (since 2020)